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"Lou's" Story

I spent three years as a patient at a preeminent men's health center in Edina working with the leading physicians in treating my erectile dysfunction. I was on all three ED medications but had terrible side effects where I couldn't take them anymore. The next course of treatment they had me do was injections in my penis. I did this for almost a year but I was worried about the formation of scar tissue over time. That could lead to a whole host of issues in the long run. They said the next step would be a penile implant. This is major surgery and irreversible so I told them I wanted to try some other things first. I really felt like the problem was that somehow I was just plugged up, that my body could work if I could get something unstuck.

I found Melissa through an online search. She taught me the breathing then did some acupuncture and massage type work with me on the massage table. It was actually very relaxing and I think I fell asleep for a little bit. She taught me some exercises that she wanted me to do at home. Several days later I had the most awesome orgasm in recent memory. It hasn't been like that since my 20's or 30's. I really think something just got moved out of the way. I don't know exactly what did it so I kept doing the breathing and exercises and I went back for the rest of my appoinmtents. I am so glad I didn't get that surgery.

69 year old, retired   (name changed to protect privacy)