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Coffee enemas are an integral part of Gerson Therapy (along with vegetarian diet, juicing and supplements). Gerson Therapy has had enormous success in treating cancers and other chronic conditions.

But you don't have to wait for a diagnosis to do this easy home treatment. Here is a guide to coffee enemas put  out by the Gerson Institute.

Here's an online store where you can purchase everything for coffee enemas. Here's another. However you can keep it really, really simple--the hot water bottle style of enema bag is available at any corner-store pharmacy. Do purchase the specialized coffee for the enemas, but you can make it in the coffee maker instead of boiling it.

Here's a video that demonstrates:

And here's the guru, herself, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Gerson's daughter.

Oh, and here's the toilet stool so that you're in the correct position:

Remember, temperature is vital--too cold is terribly uncomfortable and too warm can burn. However, the temp needs to be cooler than you think; if the temp feels warm to your fingers, it's probably too warm.

Good luck.