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Breathe To Your Bottom
Deep breathing has so many benefits! But who would have guessed that it is the first step in correcting your pelvic floor condition, or that it is essential to rehabilitating your posture and correcting muscle firing patterns throughout your body. It’s powerful therapy that you can do at home. Come learn the basics so that you can unleash its power for yourself.
1 hour

none scheduled

Running For The Long Haul
Are you wanting to start running and want to keep yourself safe? Are you an experienced runner who wants to prevent injuries? Are you a hiker who traverses unstable terrain and look forward to years more of exploring? Are you a speed walker and want to keep your hips and knees functioning properly for the rest of your life? Or maybe you're just interested in how to keep functionally mobile while preventing injury?
This three-hour class will equip you with the theory, knowledge, and resources to remain active throughout your life while preventing injury. You'll learn the five strengths you need to have in place in order to run, hike, or speed walk. You'll practice functional movement with proper alignment, methods of stimulating intrinsic nerves, and a breathing technique that will regulate your internal pressure system. This is an interactive, hands-on experience that will equip you for not only for your fav activity but for life in general.
2 hours  $60/participant
none scheduled


Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of abdominal massage that you can perform on yourself in order to optimize organ function, improve lymph flow, boost immunity and aid digestion.  You will leave with enough skill to incorporate it into your self-care routine. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and any props you require for lying on your back.

2 hours    $30

none scheduled


Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health  You can take control of your bladder and improve your overall health but Kegels are not enough. We'll explore meditation, diet, pessaries, biofeedback, hormones, sex, aging, pelvic floor contractions, breathing exercise, regulating internal thoraco-pelvic pressure, the pelvic wand, and bladder re-training. Don't understand some of those terms? Then come! No prior knowledge required. We'll review options that are available to you through modern western medicine and through traditional therapies. You will leave with a simple exercise program that you can do at home.

This is not your mama's Kegel class!

3 hours   $65/participant, includes a therapy band    

Limited to 7 participants.   

none scheduled.


Qi-gong Meditation is a method of moving energies through our bodies and cultivating awareness for the purpose of promoting health and vitality.  Energize, awaken, and revitalize yourself with the Inner Smile to your organs.  Cultivate, refine, and balance your energies with the MicroCosmic Orbit. You will learn a complete practice that can be your practice for a lifetime, or, this practice might be the bridge that launches you to another style. That's ok! Most meditations are done seated in a chair; one is a standing/moving meditation. All levels welcome.

Melissa Cathcart is a certified instructor through the White Cloud Taoist School by GrandMaster Mantak Chia of Tao Garden in Thailand. She maintains a daily meditation practice.

1 ½  hours     $12/person

none scheduled.


Core & Pelvic Floor Workout

This class was developed to use movement as a way of promoting neuro-muscular coordination between the large muscles of the thighs and buttocks and those of the pelvic floor. Those struggling with urinary or anal leaking (incontinence), prolapse, pelvic pain, sacro-iliac pain, sciatica, prostatitis, brain trauma, or post-partum recovery will benefit most.

We also work on balance and proprioception, as these mirror the condition of the pelvic floor. This is a rather Yin class--slow, quiet, meditative, paying close attention. You need not have attended my Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health class to come to this class. Everyone welcome. No sign up necessary; walk-ins only.

not scheduled