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CEU/PDA Workshop Descriptions

Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health for Practitioners

The bladder and pelvic floor are inadequately covered in most texts.  We are given few tools to work with when patients present with pelvic pain or incontinence, yet between 13 and 25 million Americans will experience these conditions.  This class will give you the tools you need to immediately address the concerns of patients with pelvic pain, sacro-iliac dysfunction, prostatitis, and incontinence.  We will review in detail the anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor, bladder, and their relationships to the rest of the body. We’ll discuss etiology of pelvic floor and bladder issues and the predominant treatments offered today.  Learn to counsel patients in maintaining pelvic floor and bladder health and be able offer an exercise program to aid in that endeavor. There are very efficient, simple techniques that you can teach your clients that will change their lives. This is an engaging, hands-on class that will invigorate your practice.  Bring a full-size towel and a yoga mat or blanket.  A resistance band will be provided.



Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage for Practitioners (CNT)

We all hold a lot of emotion and tension in our bellies. This can translate into postural characteristics, affect lymph and blood circulation, & cause changes in organ functioning.   In Chinese Medicine we believe that all dis-ease originates from unprocessed or overwhelming emotion.   In Western Medicine we recognize this as stress making us immune compromised.  Our bellies hold our center.  We can reestablish and fortify our relationship with ourselves by working our center. CNT helps to reduce tension held in the belly, improves organ function, facilitate processing of emotions, increase flow of lymph & blood.  CNT is a type of Qi-gong therapy along the lines of Tai Qi Chuan.  The therapist helps you to engage your organs’ vital energies and move stagnations through breathing,  guided visualization and use of acupressure, while assisting with abdominal massage.  It is a formidable adjunct to other therapies.

Each weekend workshop is comprised of demonstration of techniques followed by hands on practice. Participants will leave with knowledge of at least one technique for each organ or gland. Each workshop ends with participants being lead through an hour long mock treatment, integrating the techniques taught throughout the weekend.

CNT I: Yang Organs

CNT II:  Yin Organs

CNT III:  Endocrine Glands/Advanced Techniques

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