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Snacks: sunflower seeds

I was delighted to find, while snacking on some sunflower seeds, just how nutritious they are. I have roasted, salted seeds for snacking and raw, unsalted seeds for adding to stir-fries. They are pretty comparable:

one serving is 1/4 cup

Raw, unsalted:  Calories 190,  16g fat (1.5g saturated fat; 0g trans fats),  8g protein

Roasted, salted:  Calories 200,  18g fat (2g saturated fat; 0g trans fats),  7g protein

Both options offer 10% daily value of iron and 61% daily value of vitamin E (anti-oxidant great for hair & skin).

It's difficult to find foods that are high in iron and I think the amount of protein is laudable, especially as compared to the fat content. The high fat content is from the "good fats" and will fill you up so that you don't go after those chips.