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Moving lymph

Lymph circulation is the waste management system of our bodies. It transports waste materials (toxins, dead bacteria and cells, cancer cells, dietary fats from our digestive system, interstitial fluid, etc.) out of our bodies. Lymph travels just under the skin through vessels. It is cleaned in the nodes and eventually returns to the whole blood in the circulatory system. Unlike blood, which has the heart to pump it, the lymph has no pump to keep it flowing. It is entirely dependent on external factors in order to operate optimally. Here are some ways to keep it moving:

  • pumping action of your gastrocs through walking or running
  • massage, particularly the light, directional, rhythmic lymph drainage massage
  • jumping, particulary on a rebounder or trampoline
  • skin brushing
  • hydrate
  • deep breathing
  • hot & cold treatment
  • stillingia tincture
  • Qi machine
It's terribly important not to restrict lymph flow with tight clothing, especially bras. If you wear a bra make sure it's well fitted and doesn't leave long-lasting grooves in your skin when you take it off.

Ionic Foot Bath

I've been getting questions from patients on the validity of ionic foot baths again. They are a scam and I'm embarrassed by practitioners charging money for these sessions. It amounts to a very expensive foot soak.

In 2011 they were all the craze, some of my colleagues purchased them and started offering them as a treatment and I was on the fence about their validity. So....I asked my chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota what he thought. He was unfamiliar with the device but he said it didn't make sense to him because molecules just don't travel through the body like that--they have to go through a transport system such as the lymph, blood, or into the urine. You simply don't get molecules travelling through your body to your feet and out your skin. Even sweat has to follow prescribed metabolic pathways.

I tried one out when a colleague offered me a session. There is a peice of metal in the water and one adds salt and an electric current. Of course the water changes color--it's called rust! That's what happens when you oxidize metal. That will happen regardless of anything else placed in the water. We did a similar experiment in chemistry lab (no feet involved).

The death knell on the subject was when I watched this series of videos on YouTube. A highlight is when an organic carrot produces a color change that indicates it is releasing liver toxins.

There are places where faith, belief and the concept of energy as a miasm are appropriate; the field of chemistry is not one of them.


Fever remedy

This is soooo cool. I found this on Namaste Health Center's website. It is weird but makes so much sense. Traditional medicine has gems like this that should be resurrected:

Magic Wet Sock Treatment
We love to recommend this old-time nature cure remedy that anyone can do at home. It involves using the principles of hydrotherapy to boost the immune system for both acute illnesses and prevention. All you need is two pairs of socks and a bowl of ice water! Grab a pair of thin cotton or polyester blend socks and put them in a bowl of ice water by your bed. If you are feeling chilly or feet are cold, take a warm bath or at least warm your feet first. Take the socks out of the ice water and wring out until barely damp, then place on your feet and put dry wool socks over the top and get in bed. While you are sleeping, your body is increasing circulation and lymphatics to dry the damp socks, which can also make a low grade fever much more productive to kick out even stubborn viruses! You will likely wake up sometime during the night and your feet will be hot and socks are dry, at that point you can take off the socks…the whole process of warming the socks is what will boost the immune system. Sounds weird, but it works!


Self Care: skin brushing

Skin brushing is an important part of self care. Do it before showering as you want to do it on dry skin. Your pores will be more open for hydration after brushing. The reason for brushing "toward the heart" is that the body's major drainage for the lymph system is in the center of the chest, near the heart, so we want to brush in the direction of flow. Your skin will immediately become red as blood flow increases. This is also a sensory awakening for your brain.