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The myth of sports drinks

A good friend of mine, Paul Ashman of Manic Salamander, brought this to my attention:

Sports drinks don't deliver. They have so little in the way of electrolytes in them and the most sporty thing about them is the neon artificial colors. Let's compare labels on the most famous sports drink, GatorAde, which has changed its moniker to G and G2, with V8 juice.

Here's what's in a 20 oz. bottle of G:  130 calories, 34g carbs (11%), sodium 270mg (11%), potassium 75mg (2%), sugar 34g and 0 protein, vit A, vit C, fiber, calcium or iron. 

A 12 oz. bottle of V8 contains: 70 calories, 15g carbs (5%), 630mg sodium (26%), 700mg potassium (20%), sugar 12 g, as well as 3g protein, 3g fiber, vit A (60% daily value), vit C (180%), calcium (6%), iron (6%).

V8 kicks ass and can actually replenish after exerting one's self in sports activities. V8 is a powerhouse of nutrition on the go.