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Kingfield Community Acupuncture Opening Next Week


We are so excited to announce the opening of Kingfield Community Acupuncture at Solomon's Porch Faith, Health & Wellness Center. Community acupuncture is a business model that strives to keep acupuncture affordable so that patients can receive the frequency of treatments they require to achieve desired results.We do this by offering group acupuncture on a sliding scale.

At Solomon's Porch, our large room of couches and lounge chairs allows patients the feel of their own living rooms and yet a bit more privacy than most community acupuncture clinics can boast. We are starting with a limited schedule, trying to accomodate the early risers.

If you've never tried acupuncture, come to our free days on Tuesday 2 October (7a-10a) or Wednesday 3 October (5:30p-8:30p) to try it out. Have a friend who might be interested? Bring them too. Go to the website for details. Let everyone you know hear about this. See you next week, bright and early!