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Forest Bathing, Nature Imbibing, Plant Plunging: Where to get your nature fix in the Cities

Exposure to nature is considered a necessity. Twenty to thirty minutes of exposure effects significant reduction in cortisol levels and there's a wealth of other health benefits. However nature--and our time--is often in short supply. Where can one find repose without driving an hour?  We have some beautiful little oases right here in the Cities:

St. Paul's Como Conservatory is my go-to especially in winter or on rainy days.

Lyndale Park Gardens near Lake Harriet has four themed gardens--Annual-Perrenial, Butterfly-Hummingbird, Peace, and Rose gardens.

Roberts Bird Sanctuary  Shares the same parking lot with the Lyndale Park Gardens.

Song of Hiawatha Garden is a gem I just discovered a couple years ago. It's nestled behind the Minnehaha Parkway traffic circle and is home to hummingbirds.

Nokomis Naturescape Garden at the northeast end of the lake.

Loring Park Garden of the Seasons can be a trip combined with the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden & Bird Sanctuary on Theodore Wirth Parkway.

Then, for the tots, there's JD Rivers' Children's Garden, a part of Theodore Wirth.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you can create your own oasis in your back yard. A tree in your back yard can become a personal sanctuary when set up with a comfortable chair, flower pots, and a bird feeder. Enjoy spending time outdoors, however you can.




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