Good news for plantar fasciitis
Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 8:41PM
M Cathcart in feet, pain

A meta-analysis of all randomized controlled trials "investigating the effects of Mt [manual therapies] in the treatment of human patients with PF [plantar fasciitis], plantar fasciosis, and heel pain published in English....was conducted. The results showed improved function and decreased pain with use of manual therapies."* "It is recommended that clinicians consider use of both joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques in conjunction with stretching and strengthening when treating patients with PF."

I use a combination of manual therapy and acupuncture then send my patients home with exercises for strengthening and neuro-sensory training--a balanced approach that gives them the tools for life-long conditioning. I have found that rebilitating the feet is imperative for maintaining stabilization of the pelvis and alleviating back, pelvis and knee pain.


* Fraser, J.J.; Corbett, R.; Donner, C.; Hertel, J.; Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy (2018) 26:2, pp. 55-65.

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