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Nov 2011

Ann's story, in her own words:

Of all of the things I've done for my health recovery, Melissa's "Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health" class has helped me the most.

My health journey began with a severe bladder infection in May 2011. I'm 57 and have had three or four bladder infections that required antibiotic treatment. But this was way beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. But as it was a Sunday night, I resisted going to the ER and waited too long to get treatment, which put additional strain on my bladder and urinary tract. (And I spent a hellish Sunday night in the ER anyway.)

After the antibiotic course, my bladder function didn't fully recover. It felt like I had a 24/7, low-level bladder infection and bathroom visits became 3-4 times more frequent than prior to the infection, including waking me 2-3 times per night. But all subsequent urinalysis screenings were negative for infection, and so it seemed this was my new normal. Or I had bladder cancer.

Eventually I found a marvelously helpful and knowledgeable physician's assistant at the University of Minnesota who provided extensive information, the news that I didn't have bladder cancer and relief for some of my symptoms. And even if I hadn't also experienced some symptom relief, the additional knowledge was immensely therapeutic! Then I attended Melissa's "Bladder & Pelvic Floor Health" class.

Melissa's class provided a 360-degree overview of urinary tract and pelvic floor anatomy, function, dysfunction and health, and how an individual can improve or alleviate most dysfunctional conditions. For example: 1)  Practicing Kegel exercises, with proper form, is only one step to better bladder function. 2) The three most common mistakes, all of which I'd made, in response to bladder dysfunction. 3) Actual bladder capacity and strength. 4) And, most importantly for me, how psychological factors can help overcome over-sensitive bladder response.

As a result of Melissa's class, I once again typically sleep through the night--unless something other than my bladder wakes me up!