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American Heart Association classes at my place or yours!                                                                                AHA classes encompass both first time certification and recertification.


Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers

This class is for out-of-hospital primary health care providers who will have at least a two-person team and some specialized equipment available such as bag-and-mask. This is the class for midwives, EMT's and nurses.             4 hours    $65


 Basic Life Support Skills Check only

For the group who does the online class and only needs skills checked. All participants MUST be ready to be tested. Participants who fail the skills check must schedule and pay for another skills check after studying, no less than two days after the failed attempt.     $50


Heartsaver:  CPR/AED

This is the basic CPR class with AED that most people need, including chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapist and teachers.  2-3 hours   $50


Heartsaver:   CPR/AED/First Aid

For those who need first aid certification or safety PDA's.   5 hours  $80


Heartsaver:   First Aid only

First Aid class covers wounds, burns, heat & cold emergencies, splinting and epipen use for anaphylaxis emergency.  2-3 hours    $50